Anatomy of the Typical Mosquito

Mosquito Anatomy
Mosquito Anatomy

Anopheles Stephensi Female gorged with blood and passing unwanted liquid fractions of blood to make more room for blood nutrientsHere an Anopheles stephensi female is gorged with blood and beginning to pass unwanted liquid fractions of the blood to make room for more of the solid nutrients in her gut.

Make no mistake. Mosquitoes are dangerous. In fact, many authorities deem them the most dangerous animal on earth and directly responsible for over 2.5 million annual human deaths worldwide mostly by transmitting yellow fever, malaria and other deadly disease. Although malaria and yellow fever do not occur in the USA, West Nile Virus does. The first case in America was recorded in 1999 and since has infected about 13,000 people resulting in over 1,200 deaths.

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Related to flies, mosquitoes provide little benefit to our balance of nature other than being a food source, for spiders, birds and fish. Once reaching adulthood, the egg-laying female only lives for a few weeks. The male only lives about a week. Only the female sucks blood meal and is the culprit for spreading disease. The male only eats plant nectar.