Student Bedding Protection Kit

Students Away at College

When your kids leave home to attend college, they will be staying in a dormitory, an apartment or rooming with a friend where bed bugs may exist. Explain to them how to be observant for bed bugs and give them a Student Bed Bug Protection Kit which not only will help protect them against bed bug bites, but against allergens as well.

How To Avoid Bringing Bed Bugs Back Home

Protect-A-Bed® Features One of The Best

Its Student Bedding Protection Kit has three essential tools that protect against bed bugs penetrating or escaping from a mattress. It also protects against allergens.

  • 1 Twin XL Size AllerZip® Smooth Mattress Encasement
  • 1 Twin XL Size Basic Mattress Cover Protector
  • 1 Standard Size Premium Pillow Protector

AllerZip® Smooth Mattress Encasement

The AllerZip® mattress encasement cover features a patented BugLock® three-sided zipper and innovative Secure Seal® which locks the encasement around the mattress. The encasement is bed bug escape and entry proof. Its innovative Allergen Flap provides superior bed bug and allergy protection by preventing any allergens or bed bugs from entering or exiting through the

Double-stitched seams adds a further level of protection around the entire encasement cover. The soft, smooth, and comfortable
surface is waterproof and stain-proof, and features the innovative Miracle Membrane® which keeps water and stains out.

Protect-A-Bed’s Basic Mattress Protector

The Mattress Protector provides a barrier to allergens and dust mites and keeps a mattress sanitary and protected from spills and accidents. Its smooth polyester surface is cool and comfortable to sleep on. It has a fitted sheet style skirt that will stretch to fit a twin size mattress without shifting and doesn’t alter the feel of the mattress. The mattress cover can be easily removed for washing.

Premium Pillow Protector

The super soft, absorbent yet ultra-thin Premium Pillow Protector protects against allergens, dust mites and bacteria. Featuring the Miracle Membrane®, it is waterproof yet air vapor porous, keeping the pillow cool and comfortable. It is protective against liquids and stains. Together with the kit’s other components, your student will be in a healthy sleep zone solution