Roach Bait Gels

There are many ways to kill all roaches including the difficult German Cockroach. One of the best ways is using a gel bait that combines an attractant with an insecticide formulated as a “slow-kill” ingredient. A delayed kill permits the roach return to its nest to infect a volume of roaches. A roach gel is easy to apply in likely places where roaches will travel or concentrate. A bait gel is one of the best and safest ways to kill roaches when applied as directed.

How Gel Baits Kill Roaches

Slow kill is the strategy. The gel is combined with a high volume of a roach attractant and a low volume of insecticide that is purposed to delay the kill to allow the roach to return to its nest to infect other roaches in the colony. The objective is not killing just one, but
as many as possible through a “secondary kill”.

Roaches of all types including the American, German, Asian and the Banded cockroach will succumb to the insecticide. A roach will expel the bait in its sputum and feces which roaches will also eat. They will also feed on the corpses of other roaches that die from the poison. Gel bait generally perform for up to several months.

Where To Apply Gel Bait

Gel baits come in aerosol cans and squeeze containers that dispenses “oozing gel”. If you prefer to use a pest control company, they may use a bait gun to apply the gel. Squirt about a quarter inch dollop of gel in roach traffic areas as close as possible to where nesting spots are likely to be.

Roaches prefer kitchen and bathroom areas close to food supply and water. They are nocturnal and scavenge around while everyone sleeps. Prime locations for gel bait would be under refrigerators, in cabinets beneath sinks, under stoves, behind toilets and near trash containers and garbage cans.

Small amounts the size of nickel or a 1/8″ strip of a few inches long works well. Best places are against the wall where it meets the floor or in corners. Putting a small amount in many spots is best versus large amounts in a few spots. Gel baits can be used indoors and outdoors. Great ways to kill roaches is squirting gel in cracks and crevices and around plumbing and conduit pipes that enter the home.

Place the bait in secure, safe spots that cannot be reached by children and pets. Do not spray quick-kill chemical insecticides near where you have placed gel baits. It will repel roaches away from the bait points. Check baits every few weeks in case any have been completely eaten. All baits should be replaced every few months. Once the gel hardens,
effectiveness will be reduced.

Active Poisoning Agents and Brand Names

The poisoning (toxic) agent is the active ingredient and is usually a very small portion of the gel which is mostly comprised of attractant and inert ingredients. Always read the bait label for toxicity level of which “Caution” is the safest insecticide registered by the EPA. All
insecticides are toxic no matter the rating, so children and pets must always be protected. Always follow application directions.

Usually gel baits contain Fipronil, Hydramethylnon or Indoxacarb as the active agent depending upon the manufacturer or product trade name. Popular brand names include Maxforce, Avert, Siege, Advance, Advion, Combat, Dupont and Invict Gold. German cockroaches in particular have a tendency to avoid baits with certain insecticides, if so consider rotating differing brands using a different insecticide.

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