Pest Control Knowledge

At some point, we are all adversely affected by pests. They invade our homes, businesses, yards and gardens. They can cause serious health hazards, transmit diseases, kill our plants and flowers. destroy our structures, sting us, bite us and generally become a nuisance. Some can even be seriously life threatening. like black widow spiders, brown recluse spiders, scorpions and mosquitoes.

Some animals and insects can be both friend and foe. Some are always a pest like cockroaches. Others are always a friend. Much depends on what they are, where they are at and how they affect you, your family, pets, gardens, home and your business. We all have an obligation to protect the balance of nature and our environment. But we also have an obligation to protect our families and our domains around us from pests.

The objective is understanding potential pests, their characteristics and when they cross the line from being friends to being a pest. We must know how to control pests naturally and when to use potentially unsafe, harmful pesticides. We also need to know when to implement self-applied control methods versus those of a licensed pest control service. Usually it becomes an Integrated Pest Control Management Team comprised of you, family members and your professional pest control expert.

Our goal is providing knowledge to help you implement smart pest control management so you can make well-informed decisions. Our Knowledge Section continually grows, so bookmark this website for ongoing and continuing reference. Let’s learn how to control pests in the most effective ways without risking your family’s health while protecting our environment.