Brown Banded Cockroaches

The Brown Banded Cockroach exists mostly in the Northeast, Midwest, and Southern states although it can be found in other regions as well. It is a rather small roach similar in size to the German Roach with an adult size reacing about 5/8 inches long.

Identifying Characteristics

The primary color of the Brown Banded Roach is tan to dark brown with two light color horizontal bands across its back. Hence its name. The bands are usually irregular and partly obscured by its wings. Yes, this roach can fly very well.

Habitats and Behavior

The Brown Banded Roach is most often found in homes rather than commercial establishments like restaurants. They seem to require less moisture than the German and American varieties and are apt to be found in higher areas within the house such as upper cabinets, crawl spaces and attics as opposed to just around plumbing and under sinks and lower cabinets.

Unlike their popular cousins that prefer kitchens and bathrooms, it will be more more widely distributed in the home within bedrooms, living rooms and closets. The Brown Banded Cockroach can often be found hanging out behind pictures on walls.

They can fly to short distances. Unlike some roaches that will carry egg sacs until just before hatching, the Brown Banded Roach will generally only carry eggs for a couple of days before attaching the sacs to a surface in a safe and secure place. They will often stick the egg sacs under furniture.

Best Way To Get Rid of Brown Banded Roaches

Well, don’t let them inside. Prevention is the same for all roaches. It involves good sanitation outside and inside. Seal entry points including cracks, crevices and any gaps around where plumbing and conduit enters the home or restaurant. Check and repair all gaps around doors and windows.


Roach bait stations or roach bait gels are highly effective for one big reason. The baits contain attractants mixed with an insecticide that has a “delayed kill”benefit. It allows the infected roach to carry the insecticide back to its nest to contaminate the others via its sputum and feces.

If the above fails, a safe and effective liquid insecticide is required. Spray a perimeter around the home about about 2-3 feet from the foundation and about 2 feet up the outside walls. This will kill the roaches soon after contact. Inside areas can be sprayed as well, but do not spray near roach bait since it will repel roaches away from the bait.