Getting Rid of Spiders Naturally

If you like spiders, you have to be a bit deranged. Actually they do serve a natural purpose in nature’s food chain and in some cases can be a friend of our garden. But they can only be a pest inside your home. But some people just hate to kill a spider by any means. Most people are quick to smash a spider but refrain from using toxic pesticides because of safety concerns for small children and pets. It would take direct hits on most spiders with an insecticide to kill it. Unlike insects, most spiders will not absorb the remaining dried residue of pesticides.

The best way to control or eliminate spiders is not to invite them in. There are but a few reasons spiders will take up residency inside your home. One, they’re looking for a safe haven that provides them security, comfort and life sustaining needs. Two, you’ve made it easy to get in. Three, the ones that get in lay eggs and multiply. The answers to your spider problem are pretty simple.

Lock The Spiders Out

Seal your home. This perhaps the most crucial since any opening will permit any other critters inside. After all, spiders feed on insects. If you keep insects out, spiders are not as apt to hang around. Would you go stay in a nice resort if there wasn’t any delectable food?

So, check for cracks, crevices or other ways spiders can come through. Make sure doors are well sealed. Check for openings and cracks around windows.
Particularly check where pipes and conduits enter your home from the outside. In attics and cellars there are usually ventilation registers. Air conditioning and heating systems typically have output registers. By putting tight mesh screens behind the registers, you will close entry to all but the tiniest of insects.

Don’t overlook areas under sinks, basements and garages. If you investigate thoroughly enough, you will likely find many places where pests can enter your home. If you are a do-it-yourself person, you will find everything you need at your local hardware store. For more complex solutions, you may have to call a
handyman or contractor. Many pest control companies specialize in sealing homes to prevent entry by spiders, insects and even large rodents.

Just A Few Spiders Can Create An Infestation

This is scary. A single spider can produce hundreds of eggs several times a year. The young can hatch in a matter of weeks and grow into adults in a couple of months and in-turn, you have more spiders producing an almost exponential number of spiders in a very short time. When your home becomes that infested, it may require fumigating while you an your family stay in a hotel for a couple of days.

Most spiders are nocturnal and hunt at night. You may not even realize you have a spider problem because they come out at night while you are sleeping.

Most spiders are nocturnal. They hunt for food and drink at night while you are sleeping. Now that’s a scary thought because some spider species walk
and climb around. They could crawling on your bed or those of your children. During the day, they hide in dark, secluded places or remain very quiet in their web nests. They may even be fertilizing eggs and making egg sacs that will generate hundreds of new spiderlings. What’s really scary is the young ones will mature in a matter of weeks and are capable laying their own eggs. if the cycles are not stopped, your home can become so infested it could require fumigating your home while you stay in a hotel for a few days.

Bust The Spider’s Hiding Places

Your home is sealed. Now go get the ones locked inside. Now’s the time for some good old-fashioned spring cleaning with an observant eye for places where spiders hide. Don’t overlook the garage. Some spiders weave webs in dark secluded places while others string the silk in the open places like the corner of ceilings near doors. Other species like Wolf Spiders don’t make web instead prowl for food.

Get the obvious ones first. If you are the type that doesn’t like to kill living things you may be stuck with spiders until you’ve made them unwelcome in your home. If you are afraid of toxic chemicals, there are non-toxic, organic sprays and repellents. Some claim that putting soapy water in a spray bottle will eventually kill a spider, but will take longer. Regardless of what type of spray used, a spider must be sprayed directly to have an effect.

Take a broom handle and tie or tape a rag at the end. You’ll use this to tear-down spider webs that you find. Consider spraying some pesticide on the rag. If preferred spray a mixture off essential oils and water (see below) on the rag. Some essential oils act as a repellent, so as you wipe-out web nests you will be leaving a residue on the wall or surface around the nest that will help prevent another spider from claiming that spot. Besides, the essential oil will give the area a nice aroma that spiders hate.

Cleanup Messes. Organize. Develop more cleanly habits. Don’t leave dirty dishes until morning. Exposed foods attract roaches, ants and other insects
which are a spider’s food source. Get rid of insects and you will get rid of spiders. Tightly seal cardboard boxes used for storage. Most spiders are attracted to cardboard. This particularly true of Brown Recluse Spiders, the second most venomous spider in the USA behind the Black Widow.

Spiders love to hangout in stacks of old clothes. Donate old clothes to charity, or store them in tightly sealed plastic containers that spiders and other insect cannot penetrate. One of the worst things that homeowners do is store infrequently used items in cardboard boxes that are not sealed under beds. Since spiders are nocturnal, those that hang out under your bed will likely be walking around on you and your bed while you are sleeping.

Essential Oils & Other Repellents

Essential oils act as insect and spider repellents. Place a few drops of oil in a large spray bottle with water. There are several essential oils that are are repellents and will leave your home with pleasant aromas. Lavender, peppermint, rose, citrus, cinnamon, tee tree, citronella and eucalyptus work fine. Spray the areas where you discovered spiders and other likely places that both insects and spider could take up comfortable residence. Under bathroom and kitchen sinks, near door and window entryways, and food pantries are great places. Catnip oil also acts as an insect repellent.

Borax powder is environmentally friendly and if places in the right places can be effective particularly against roaches. It is a powder and can cause a mess, so look for places that are out of the way such as areas at the bottom of bathroom vanity cabinets and outside windowsills. There are likely many areas in the garage where the Borax can be effective yet unseen. Read more about Borax Powder why it works for natural insect control.

Now It’s Time For Pest Control Experts

Assuming you are not anti-pest control chemicals, now that you’ve set spider and insect barriers in your home, it is time to have it sprayed by a Pest Control Company to kill any remaining pests in your home. It is impossible to keep spiders and insects out, but by employing both safe and naturally effective efforts with the periodic services of pest control experts, you can sleep better knowing those critters are not roaming around spreading disease. And some spiders like the black widow and brown recluse can be deadly.

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