ClimbUp Bed Bug Interceptors

Insect Interceptor

Bed Bugs eat human and pet blood. That’s why they live on or near beds. When nighttime comes, they leave their secure hiding places in search of a meal. They could be in your bed or outside your bed. The ClimbUp Bed Bug Interceptor is a simple yet innovative device that is placed under the legs and feet of beds, cribs, and furniture where people sleep.

As bed bugs travel from hiding places in search of blood meal, they can be trapped in the ClimbUp Interceptor. As bed bugs attempt to climb up the Interceptor’s exterior surface, they will fall into the outer pitfall ring and become trapped. When a bed bug climbs down the bed post, they will not get passed the center well.

This is an affordable way to verify an existing bed bug problem, but a method to detect a renewed problem from a previous infestation. Along with other methods, you can prevent bed bugs from reaching beds, couches and other places where you may sleep. The ClimbUp Interceptor will also trap other climbing insects.

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