Best Way To Kill Roaches


People ask: “What is the safest way to get rid of roaches?” Or “Are there natural ways to kill cockroaches?” Roaches have been on this planet for over 300 million years and no one yet has found a way to send these nasty, disease-carrying bugs into extinction.

However. There are safe ways, easy ways and natural ways to keep roaches out of your home. The best way to keep them out is don’t let them in. If they do get in, there are much safer ways to get rid of roaches than using very toxic insecticides to kill them.

Natural Ways To Control Roaches

What is natural anyway? You can stomp a cockroach. Guess that’s natural. But unfortunately, that only kills one. They are such prolific breeders, there could be hundreds more take its place next week if you do not implement a roach control plan.

There is a natural compound that exists in nature that can be lethal to roaches if used correctly. It’s “Boric Acid” and although it can be potent against roaches, it is not much more toxic to people than regular table salt. More on that later.


Roaches reproduce at astounding rates. Once they make their way inside and get comfortable, eradicating them can take a long time. A key is preventing them from making their way in. Eliminate harboring places. Practice good sanitation. Seal openings that permit entry.

And if you resort to insecticides, use the least toxic product that will accomplish the goal. If your home is presently infested, it will take patience. Eradication requires killing roaches where they nest. Roach infestation will not be eliminated overnight. Stay on plan.

The Old Elbow Grease

Like all insects, cockroaches are seeking secure shelter, food, and water. You know, all of those necessities your home provides. That means keeping roaches from getting inside. This requires removing unnecessary things outside that give them harbor. The plan requires sealing entry points and most of all practicing good cleanliness and sanitation. Don’t entice them.

Yard Maintenance and Sanitation. Remove things that harbor roaches, like bark mulch near the foundation. Move garbage cans way from outside walls and farthest points away from entry points.. Bag all trash before placing in trash containers. Remove things that collect water. Slope drainage away from foundations. There are many things you can do to make your yard area less enticing to roaches. Read them all

Exterior Barrier. Seal cracks and crevices where roaches and other insects, bugs and rodents can enter. Look around plumbing pipes and conduit entries. Place fine mesh screens on exhaust vents. Caulk cracks around windows. Check for poorly fitting door sweeps, door molding and torn screens. Seal around garage doors. And look for gaps where exterior walls meet foundations. Read more about how to prevent entry points.

Seal Inside and Practice Cleanliness. Look for places where sunlight shows through cracks and openings. Seal them. Cover inside vents and air registers with fine mesh screens. Check where plumbing, electrical, cable and phone lines enter the home. Above all, practice cleanliness. Roaches feed on food scraps. Never leave water or dirty dishes in sinks over night. Seal non-refrigerated foods tightly in containers. Limit eating to dining areas. Learn more about treating
your home’s interior.

Create A Low Toxic Insecticide Barrier

It is almost impossible to fill all possible entry points. Many pests can squeeze through the tiniest of openings. Besides, a home has to breathe. Whether you’re presently infested with roaches or not, spray a proven and highly effective, yet low-toxic liquid insecticide that is not adverse to human health around the entire perimeter of your home.

CY-Kick CS is a great choice. It’s a safe liquid insecticide containing only a 6% concentration of Cyfluthrin as its active ingredient. Cyfluthrin is a “Pyrethrin”, a biological extract derived from a certain variety of Chrysanthemum flowers. CY-Kick CS mixes at 1 fluid ounce per 1 gallon of water for a 0.5% level of concentration. Just one pint will yield 16 gallons of potent insecticide that is deadly to roaches.

A pump sprayer is needed to spray it yourself. Around the exterior of your home, spray a ground area of about 1.5 feet extending from the foundation and 1.5 feet up the exterior walls. Repeat the process about every three months. If you prefer, use a professional pest control operator and request CY-Kick CS.

What is great about CY-Kick CS: It is safe with a low-level of toxicity to humans and pets, yet is very lethal to cockroaches. It is effective against ticks, mites, termites, ants, flies, and mosquitoes, spiders, centipedes and scorpions. With its wide range of targeted pests, there is little need to use a dangerous, high toxicity insecticide. Always read the product label and use as directed.

CY-Kick CS Product Label
CY-Kick CS Material Safety Data Sheet

If You Have Roaches Inside, Use Roach Baits

You’ve taken steps to seal cockroach entry points both inside and out. You know the importance of cleanliness. You’ve also created a barrier surrounding your home with the overall best, safest, yet productive liquid insecticide available. These steps represent a sound plan towards preventing future roach infestation.

However. If you have an existing cockroach problem inside, use roach baits. Here’s why. Roaches establish nests. There could be many nests. Depending upon the type of roach, nests could be outside or inside. The only way to diminish an infestation of roaches, is to kill them in volume within their colonies.

Roach baits are the best way to kill roaches in their nests. Insecticides in roach baits are slow-acting, meaning once they consume the bait, it takes a day to a few days before they die. An infected cockroach will return to its nest and infect others in the colony. Roaches will eat other roaches’ sputum, feces and even dead roach corpses.

Roach baits come in different forms. Roach bait stations where the bait is inside a protective container and in roach gel baits applied to specific areas as close to nests as possible. Most baits should be placed in the kitchen and bathroom areas about 1.5 to 2 feet apart in likely places where roaches hang-out or travel.

Boric Acid

Although it has many industrial uses, boric acid acts as an effective insecticide. It’s a compound that actually exists in nature. It is sold as a powder that is odorless. Even though it is lethal to cockroaches, it is only slightly more toxic to humans than regular table salt. But, as an insecticide humans should not eat it and must be kept away from children.

You can buy it at your local hardware store in plastic squeeze bottles. When you discover cracks and crevices, dust a very light coverage at those entry points. If it is a large opening, consider stuffing the opening with steel wool that is sprayed with boric acid.

How boric acid kills roaches. When a roach walks over the powder, it carries it back to the roach nest. It kills in two different ways. The powder is abrasive to the exoskeleton of the roach and will cause the roach to dehydrate. Roaches will preen each other. When the powder is consumed by a roach it poisons its digestive system.