Common Sense Pest Control Management

Animals and any living organism play some beneficial role in nature. They have a purpose but that purpose has a place. Bugs, insects, spiders and similar critters become pests when they become health hazards, destroy property or infest our space. View pests as animals out of place that must be controlled. We either prevent them from invading our domains, repel them back into nature or kill them when the first two options fail.

However you choose to control pests, we all have an obligation to do it in the most efficient manner with the least possible potential harm to people, pets, friendly creatures, and our environment.

Effective Pest Control Management

Implementing effective pest control management is mostly about logic and common sense re-enforced by knowledge which permits one to pursue solutions based upon well-informed information. It involves three primary factors. One. An adequate understanding of a pest’s characteristics and habits. Two. Prevention by removing breeding places and building a barrier
around homes or structures. And Three. Choosing pesticide treatment that controls or eliminates a pest with the least harm to humans.

Our purpose is providing insight, opinion, information, tips, advice and links to resources that permit well-informed actions. It is important to note that determining what are pests and how they should be controlled is somewhat subjective. This website does not intend to be a substitute for professional pest control, medical or health advice. It is the user’s sole responsibility to consult with experts and arrive at his or own conclusion of how best to approach and administer a pest control strategy.